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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy property? View Answer

Home Solutions purchase properties in any area. Although based in Portsmouth and centralising most of our operations in the southern regions we are a national organisation and welcome enquiries from further afield.

Why should I choose Home Solutions? View Answer

The reason that the company was named Home Solutions is that we aim to find a solution to your Housing problems. Some companies are just out to purchase the property for a quick turnover, where at Home Solutions we will assess your situation and offer advice if we feel that the sale of your property is not in your best interest. We will have a sympathetic approach to your plight and offer the best Solution to your individual problem.

What will it cost me? View Answer

There are no charges and in fact we pay up to £500.00 of your solicitor’s fees. ( This will cover all costs in most cases).

How long will the process take? View Answer

Because the transaction is a cash purchase the conveyance can be carried out very quickly. Certain legislative procedures have to be carried out but an offer can be made within 24 hours and then the schedule of purchase is usually around 15 working days.

What will you offer? View Answer

A typical offer will be around 75% to 95% of a RICS valuation of the property. However each case will be based on the merit of the individual property, circumstances and scheme preferred.

What if I am in arrears with my Mortgage? View Answer

In most cases this is not a problem.

What if I have very little equity in the property? View Answer

In most cases this can be facilitated by adopting the best scheme for the situation.

Is the meeting with you free? View Answer

Yes, every meeting is free and we will visit as many times as is necessary.

Who will know? View Answer

The transaction is strictly confidential. No boards will be placed onto the property and a high regard for discretion will be maintained at all times.

Do you pay a finders/recommendation fee? View Answer

Yes, if you recommend us to a client or pass on a lead that is converted into a transaction you will receive £500.00 finder’s fee from Home Solutions.