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23rd Sept 2013 - The UK Property Market

According to recent reports on the BBC's Business News website, the housing market recovery is continuing, with House-builder Barratt Developments noting recovery extending beyond London into the South East of England. Barratt anticipate completion of approximately 45,000 new homes in the next three years...

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23rd Sept 2013 - House Prices Summer 2013

While the number of homes for sale across the UK continues to pick up, the increase in activity in the housing market has not yet matched demand, according to recent reports on the BBC's Business News website...

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13th August 2013 - Property in Portsmouth

As a family run business, based in Portsmouth we are dedicated to solving all your housing problems and love to hear from all our customers about their experiences to date in the property market. Portsmouth is a vibrant waterfront city, with much to offer residents and visitors alike. With exceptional attractions such as...

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12th August 2013 - Buying An Empty Property

With plenty of empty properties currently up for sale in the UK, you might like to consider the possibility of investing in such a property? Your local council will hold details of empty properties in your local area. It may also be worth exploring online auctions and local estate agencies too.

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8th July 2013 - A Guide to Letting Your Property

In direct response to rising house prices and difficulty obtaining financing, increasing numbers of people are now choosing to rent rather than purchase a property. As a result, many people faced with the choice of selling their home are deciding instead to move and let it out to tenants.

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8th July 2013 - Hints and Tips for First Time Buyers

If you are looking to purchase your first home, you may well be trawling estate agents' websites as well as viewing their office windows. Keeping up to the minute with properties coming onto the market is essential if you don't want to risk missing out on your dream home, so always try and view new properties that interest you as soon as you possibly can.

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12th June 2013 - How to Find the House of Your Dreams

Are you busy viewing properties to buy? If so, you will no doubt have a few essential questions to put to your vendor. While focusing on all the advice the estate agent has to impart, it can be difficult to keep in mind exactly what it is you want to ask. Taking time to prepare in advance will ensure you come away from your visit satisfied that you have all the information to hand to enable you to make a clear decision on the property in question.

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12th June 2013 - How to Ensure that Moving is an Easy Process

Moving house has a reputation for being highly stressful. Yet with a little careful forethought and planning, it need not be so. Why not set aside time in advance of your move to have a good sort out of your existing possessions? Deciding to bag up any unwanted items you no longer need means you can pass them on to charity shops, recycle them, or even share them out among friends or family instead. Perhaps you might decide to hold a car boot sale and raise extra cash in the process?

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9th May 2013 - Building a Home V Buying a Home

Property hunting can be a can be a very exciting time in one's life, but more often than not, the stress of it all can outweigh the excitement. You have a list the length of your arm of all factors you need to keep in mind when searching for the 'perfect' property, which may include location, number of bedrooms, size of the garden, garage, car parking space, close to the shops, etc etc.

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9th May 2013 - Rogue Letting Agents

In recent years, the number of complaints in Scotland about cowboy letting agents has risen by 123%. Currently there is no need for knowledge and experience within this sector, which means more people are setting up un-reputable letting agencies as the demand for rented properties increases due to the economical difficulty in purchasing a home.

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10th April 2013 - Margaret Thatcher's Right to Buy

During Maggie Thatcher's reign of prime minister, one policy that has brought mixed feelings was her Right to Buy policy. This allowed council tenants to purchase the property where they lived for a fraction of the cost that the property was actually worth. One example that the BBC gives, is a gentleman who bought his house at the Whittington estate in North London for £39,000 even when it was valued at £70,000 at the time. The value of the five bedroomed house now is approximately £600,000.

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10th April 2013 - First Time Buyers

With increasing help from the Government for first time buyers, you would think that it would become increasingly easier to get onto the property ladder. However it would appear that this is still not the case. It would seem that high house prices are still making it very difficult to get onto the property ladder despite the overall fall in house prices across the UK. In essence, the higher the property price, the higher deposit that you will need to pay.

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12th March 2013 - The Mortgage Freeze

The Mortgage Freeze: Is it Set To Continue into Spring? As spring gets under way, the UK looks forward to increasingly sunnier days ahead. So what is the outlook for mortgage borrowers in the months to come?

Following the credit crunch and banking crisis you could be forgiven for thinking that the property market would continue to suffer in the economic depression. However with the launch of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) set to encourage more lending to homebuyers, it is widely anticipated that many people will find obtaining a mortgage easier in 2013.

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11th March 2013 - UK Housing Markets

UK Housing Market: Getting Ready for Revival? The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have announced that mortgage lending picked up in 2012, with the numbers of first-time buyers increasing significantly.

In addition, the Office for National Statistics have stated that UK house prices rose by 3.3% in 2012, although those in Northern Ireland have continued to fall.

Ever since the economic crisis in recent years, banks and building societies have been proceeding with extreme caution – lending only to those with large deposits to put down.

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19th Feb 2013 - Property Prices In Portsmouth

Significantly regenerated in recent years, Portsmouth has been transformed from an industrialised post-war city into an ambitious waterfront destination. Boasting high-speed rail links to London, a vibrant designer shopping outlet at Gunwharf Quays and the world-renowned Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth is home to a number of high profile tourist attractions, including HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's flagship, and the majestic Spinnaker Tower.

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18th Feb 2013 - Welcome to Our News Section!

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